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Value proposition

* The best employees are happy with their work and are not looking for new opportunities. Our solution allows you to reach talents who are not currently active in the job search!

* Sharecruit platform and our professional team allows you to find candidates 3 times faster and 4 times cheaper.

* Visual job ads attract up to 94% more views and candidates‘ engagement.

* 2/3 candidates spend 1-3 hours analyzing employer. Using Sharecruit services you can introduce your organization in an innovative way.

Introduce your company’s culture, engage existing staff, and reach the greatest talent throughout social networks. Employer branding can have a significant impact on employees’ decision to work in a particular organization. Sharecruit platform will save you time, money and attract the most talented staff to your organization.



  • Unlimited job ads
  • Access to Employer branding tools
  • Unlimited company’s photos
  • Internal referral
  • Free consultations
  • Virtual assistant (24/7)
  • Company‘s account registration and maintenance
  • Job ads maintenance
  • Job ads sharing on Sharecruit Facebook page
  • Talents’ pool size assessment
* All prices are indicated excluding VAT


  • 5 active job ads
  • Access to Employer branding tools
  • 4 company’s photos
  • Internal referral
  • Free consultations
* All prices are indicated excluding VAT
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- + About Sharecruit
What is Sharecruit?
<br>• Like in a social platform, companies that have registered on Sharecruit website, shall create an account, containing visual and text information about the company and assign account administrators <br>• Account administrators can also include the current company employees into the search of new employees. Sharecruit system also provides the possibility for recruiters to rate candidates and reward employees for the suggested or attracted suitable candidate. <br>• A person to whom a job offer is sent by e-mail or via social network shall receive not just a usual notice of the suggested position, salary and requirements, but also a link to the account of the respective company. There a potential employee can also get familiar with his/her future colleagues, to obtain information about the company itself, to see the working environment and easily apply for a job.
How to create company profile?
<br>1. Upload pictures (company logo, Job Post background and working environment pictures). <br> 2. Add description about your company.
How to present employees in Job Post?
<br>• In menu window go to „Team“ and press „Invite“. Add contact details of your employees (name, surname, position and email) or <br>• Upload company contact list as .CSV file (name, surname, position and email). <br>• Your employees will receive email with invitation to join your company.
How to create Job Post?
<br>1. Specify expiration date of your Job Post and position you are looking for. <br>2. Add job description and requirements. <br>3. Indicate reward for successfully employed candidate. <br>4. Invite your employees to share the job post (with Reward). <br>5. Invite more people to share the job post (No Reward).
How to order personalized ad campaigns for your Job Post?
<br>Contact us by email: asta@sharecruit.com and we will offer you personalized promotional campaigns, which will be shown in a social networks for chosen targeted groups.